Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Newsletter

December Featured Author: Sarah L. Bowman

Sarah L. Bowman began writing as a child. She was born in Dearborn, Michigan, later moving to the back woods of Kentucky. There is where she fell in love with writing. She would climb upon the large rock that had fallen from the mountains above her home, and write. She fell in love with the freedom and fantasy of writing. She later went on to publish her first book Isabella's Journey. She has now written and published over seven books. She has won several awards for her poetry. She also loves to help illustrate for her fellow Authors. She uses a unique art style in each illustration. Sarah is a very down to earth person, loving the community and being involved in home schooling groups. She has a strong love for animals, and nature. She is a happily married wife and mother, and loves photography. She is very active in yoga, and is active in church, and the Christian community. She hopes to continue writing in hopes of inspiring others to reach their dreams and full potential. Please, feel free to stop by Sarah's Face book page, to say hello, or to receive latest updates on books.

See more of her work on 

Morrison Books News

With Christmas around the corner who has time to sit and read a book? The shopping, planning, and finding time to do it all can be overwhelming. Few people have time to take a much needed and deserved moment to them self this time of year. Lists get longer and time shorter, or so it seems. But the desires to sit for a few moments by that crackling fire with a good book lies somewhere in the subconscious while you rush past.

This year, while filling your shopping cart with gifts for your friends and loved yourself a favor and toss in a book for yourself, then put aside some time for you. Somehow, doing this not only allows an escape from the rush, but magically frees up time. Well, time doesn't magically appear as you'd hope, but when you're relaxed things just tend to fall into place much more efficiently.

While you're shopping, don't forget to check out the bargain deals Morrison Books is offering all through the Christmas season. We're pleasantly surprised to be caught off guard by the overwhelming amount of sales! We'd like to take this time to thank our customers for your purchases, support and just being a fantastic patron. The "Out of Stock" items will be replaced soon. Thank you for your patience!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From all of us at Morrison Books

Friday, November 13, 2015

November Newsletter

Come Check Out Our New Holiday Look!!

Maw's Cards & Creations chimed in with some traditional cheer and added Thanksgiving cards to her inventory, you'll want to stop by and check them out. Not only that, her cards are on sale until Christmas! We have more books, crafts and specials as well. See the ad below.

Martin Sharlow is the talented author of the month, if you like werewolves and vampires, he has many selections to chose from. Just follow the link posted on Morrison Books home page, and if you missed any of our other authors you will find their books on our "New Book" page. 

Don't forget about our art gallery where Jessica has amazing deals on photo shoots, follow her website link to get in on Christmas photo specials, and Sienna's artwork is also available for viewing. This is the time of year when our skin could use some moisture and Kissed by Mother Nature has creams made from all natural ingredients. Absolutely nothing artificial. She has other great products for your entire body too--do yourself a favor this holiday season and try this amazing cream.

So much excitement generating this month! Not only are the holidays around the corner, Christmas lights are going up, cozy reading by the fire, family time, and scrumptious food…there is also SHOPPING! 

OK, who groaned? 

All right...all right...that may have been me. Yes that's right; I'm the scrooge who detests shopping. Don't get me wrong, put me in front of a computer and I'll shop for hours. On-line shopping has become one of my favorite pass times. And what am I looking for? Deals of course-Deals that I can purchase without the inevitable hunt for the  evasive wallet, lugging heavy packages from store to store, and being over dressed in a heated mall. Perspiring has got to be the absolute worst part of the entire experience – that and throbbing arms and feet. Who enjoys this? OK maybe a few of you do, but there are some who, like me, would rather do leisurely shopping from home and miss the stampede. One click purchase and the packages are on the way to your front door! What could be better?

With this in mind, I put myself in the computer chair, carefully went through my inventory, and did some serious mark-downs! Deals that I myself couldn't resist. The sale starts now and will last through Christmas! You'll want to tell your friends! Brand new books & audio books for all ages – hand-made winter accessories for the whole family – hand crafted cards and Jewelry as low as $1.99– ALL SHIP FREE! 

Here's a look at our sale ad also available on the Morrison Books website.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Author of the Month

Martin C. Sharlow, Author of The Shade Trilogy 

Martin is a single dad with three children above the age of 18. His first book idea came to life while he sat in McDonalds one hot summer day. What started off as a place to cool down, ended up being the birthplace of his first novel, Storytellers. Day after day he would return until the last page was written.
Many novels followed from that day to this. Beginning with Storytellers, he went on to write Fallen Blood, Shades of Twilight, and Sword: The Joining. Sequels followed and The Trilogies were born. Follow this author's work on Amazon where werewolves and vampires fill the many pages of Martin C. Sharlow's masterful creations.

To see these and other series books written by Martin Sharlow go to:


Submissions have closed for the 2015 year for our Morrison Books store, but we will resume on May 31, 2016 through October 31, 2016 again so mark that date on your calendars.  

As a reminder: Our physical store will open in April 2016. We will be taking a short hiatus until then, but our online store will be open and operating as normal, so don't hesitate to come and shop. We plan to have the store shelves stocked with a wide variety of hand crafted items, art pieces and of course BOOKS! 

We wish everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Author of the Month

Candace C. Bowen - Award-Winning Author of The Knight Series

Born in a suburb of Chicago, Candace moved to South Florida with her family at an early age. A writer of full-length historical romance fiction, she has broadened her scope to creating tales of modern day horror and historical adventure.

Author of: The Knight Series; A Knight of Silence, A Knight of Battle, A Knight of Valour, A Knight of Defiance (Coming Soon), Spur of the Moment, Wicked Embers (Sequel to Spur of the Moment), Jack of Hearts, Voodoo Fire, Malevolence (Sequel to Voodoo Fire-Coming Soon), and The Stygian Stone (Order of the Knightshades). Candace resides with her young son and adopted cat in South Florida.

The first book in the series, A Knight of Silence was voted best 2010 Romance eBook of the Year by the Gatekeepers Post.

In a battle between love and loyalty a knight with a tragic past is forced to take sides.
England 1126
Nineteen year old Reina of Kenwick knows a lot about adversity. Deaf from a childhood illness, she is about to be banished to a convent by her cold and distant father.

Baron Fulke of Erlegh has a tragic past. Throwing himself into a life of battle and debauchery, Fulke is removed from the field and commanded to take a bride.

King Henry I. is a changed man since losing his only son and heir in the White Ship sinking. Intent to name his only daughter, Matilda, the first Queen of England, he seeks advantage over powerful opposition. Discovering Reina's unique ability to lip-read, Henry separates the two lovers and coerces Reina to spy for the crown under threat of harm to Fulke.

In a battle between love and loyalty, Fulke and his courageous band of knights enact a plan that will free Reina from the king's grip or cause all of them to be executed for treason in A KNIGHT OF SILENCE.

Knight Series - Book 2
An attraction too great to deny...a misunderstanding gone horribly awry... 

England 1126
Narrowly escaping King Henry's wrath, Sir Albin struggles with temptation as he accepts a mission for his liege, Baron Fulke of Erlegh. After a simple misunderstanding turns deadly, Sir Albin finds himself in a battle for his life and all he holds dear.

Forced into adulthood before her time, Lecie of Rochester dares to dream of a life with the handsome knight who often visits the family inn. Accused of murder, she finds herself in a hangman's noose with time running out.

In a struggle for life itself, the two lovers attempt to settle their differences before fate separates them forever in A KNIGHT OF BATTLE.

2014 AUTHORSdB Bronze Cover Winner
An undeniable love... an influential man with the power to destroy a family.

King Henry I's Chief Itinerant Justice, Ranulf de Glanville, is used to getting what he wants. Boyhood friend of the king and second to him in power, the justice governs the realm with an iron fist. Laying claim to the Sheriff of Rochester's innocent daughter, he believes no one would dare stand in the way of making Mylla his fourth wife.
After discovering the demise of the justice's former wives, Talan sets aside his honorable intentions to accept the corrupt lawman's unspoken challenge. Determined to flee with his love into the wilds of Wales, his loyal brothers in arms devise a risky plan.
In the third installment of Candace C. Bowen's award-winning Knight Series, Fulke and his knights are called upon to save the life of one of their own in A KNIGHT OF VALOUR.

Find more information on author's website.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Newsletter

The weather is changing, kids are back in school, and what's better than having a moment to recline and get lost in a good book? Whether it be bound in paper, downloaded onto an E-reader, or read to you on audio CD, Morrison Books has them all in a wide variety, for all ages. Over the next several days we will be adding over 500 titles of both new and used books. You won't want to miss out on the specials we will be running through October, and visit our store for a look at new hand crafted inventory.

Morrison Books is proud to welcome new clients into our family. We are thrilled to see your products selling, and look forward to your continued success. The business has grown so fast in just four short months it's staggering. We anticipate a well-known, respected, and established business by the time our doors open in April. I'm sure you'll want to join us, submissions are still open.

Has everyone had a chance to get a copy of The Mister DarcySeries? Barbara Silkstone is the bestselling author of 16 novels and novellas. She is an amazing tongue-in-cheek author, with brilliant humor and imagination. Her work is highly recommended for a fun-filled romp through fiction. You can read more about her on our blog.

We would love to hear from you for any suggestions, comments or requests. Stop by our site, and check out our inventory. Please don't forget to like us on Facebook.

As a reminder: we will stop accepting submissions on October 31st 2015. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Author of the Month

Our September Author of the Month is Barbara Silkstone. Barbara is the bestselling author of sixteen novels and novellas. Her comedy mysteries feature goodhearted heroines caught up in screwball situations.

Her Mister Darcy series comedic mysteries are currently comprised of six novellas.
Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider is comedy, mystery series starring Miami real estate broker and part-time tomb raider – Wendy Darlin.

Silkstone’s Romantic Suspense series includes contemporary variations on classic fairytales. The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters ~ Wendy and the Lost Boys ~ Zo White and the Seven Morphs.

Mister Darcy series comedic mysteries

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of the most popular novels in English literature. Austen’s stories were fundamentally comic but also delivered a thump on the head to the traditions that forced 18th century women to depend on marriage as the only road to survival.

Book One in the Mister Darcy series

The mysterious Mister Darcy retains the services of dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet to train his basset puppies for an important foxhunt. Despite knowing nothing about fox hunting, Doctor Lizzie takes on the challenge. Assigned to cover the hunt for the BBC is Society Reporter Caroline Bingley, the would-be paramour of Mister Darcy.
Lizzie’s sister Jane and Charles Bingley join the adventure and fall trippingly in love as Lydia involves Georgiana in an ill-planned caper. And why is Wickham lurking in the shrubberies?

                                                 Also available in eBook, paperback, and audio.

Book Two in the Mister Darcy series 

Christmas just became a lot more complicated for dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet and her sisters. While shopping in London they find little urchin Annie and her dog Sammy. As a fierce snowstorm takes over the city, the aloof but alluring Mister Darcy invites the girls, including Annie and Sammy, to spend the night at his penthouse. With the best of intentions Darcy asks Annie and her seven siblings to join the Bennet sisters for a quiet Christmas Eve celebration in his London fortress. The skullduggery begins when Caroline Bingley – the villainess Austen fans love to boo – shows up acting the part of the Grinch and Scrooge combined.

Also available in eBook, paperback, and audio.

Book Three in the Mister Darcy series

The mysterious Mister Darcy enlists the aid of dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet in his secret quest. Lizzie soon finds herself deep in his battle where familiar villains join forces with evildoers to stop Darcy at all costs. Darcy’s true feelings for Lizzie bubble to the surface but will her pride let her reciprocate? And what about that peanut butter kiss?

Also available in eBook, paperback, and audio.

Book Four in the Mister Darcy series

Lizzie plots a secret garden wedding for her sister, Jane and Charles Bingley. Can she outsmart Mother Bennet or will the gorgon prevail? With her nerves in high gear, Mrs. Bennet plans the marriage of her eldest daughter. Behind the scenes, Lizzie races against the clock to design a small garden wedding ahead of her mother’s over-the-top ball. Can Darcy cart the unsuspecting Mrs. Bennet to the garden ceremony? Will Mr. Bennet cooperate with Lizzie’s plans, or does Pansy Cottage still cast a long shadow in his memories?
                                                          Also available in eBook and paperback.

Book Five in the Mister Darcy series

Darcy shares his secret vow and his bed with Lizzie Bennet in this fifth book in the Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries. Will Lizzie help Darcy prevent the theft of the legendary Red Rosary? Can Lizzie get even with Caroline Bingley? And who is the mystery lady in Mr. Bennet’s life?

Also available in eBook and paperback.

Visit us at Morrison Books to learn more about this author and other talented artists.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's New in August

August News Letter

We are nearing September, summer is winding down, parents and students are starting to prepare for the school year ahead. It's a good time to purchase a few books for the student and a well-deserved novel for the parent's quiet time. We continue to stock our shelves with great titles from amazing authors. Speaking of great authors, don't forget to get your copy of Cynthia Robbins, The Light Warrior, featured on our website this month. A kindle copy sells for only 99 cents!

We are moving forward with our physical store. Opening is anticipated for April, 2016. We are still offering submissions for books, arts and handmade gifts to be considered for our store. You don't have to wait until the store opens since our online store is up, running and expanding daily. At this time we are not accepting perishable or large items – but we will consider them for the physical store in the spring.

Speaking of 'on-line store', we have been so busy taking orders, reading submissions, and mailing off orders! (That’s a good thing). We want to let our customer's, clients, and potential client know how much we appreciate your business and support! Thank you all so much!

We are hoping to take a few trips further south along the coast this fall, hitting all the markets we find, in search of great talent. We'll also be using the time to rest up for the coming grand opening. Maybe we'll see you in our travels.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Featured Author: 

If you haven't read The Light Warrior by Cynthia Robbins yet, then you'll want to get a copy. The Light Warrior is available right now as a kindle download for only 99ȼ!

I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia while attending an art fair in Silverton Oregon, where I obtained a signed copy of The Light Warrior. Before reaching the bottom of page one, I was hooked. Cynthia is a brilliant storyteller. The Light Warrior is a mystical page turner.

Cynthia was born and raised in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. She was raised on a farm providing the environment to explore and develop her creative imagination. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Western Oregon University. Cynthia professionally works with youth offenders, teaching life skills and critical thinking for more than sixteen years. She also devotes her time as a Provider of an adult foster home working with young adult men with autism.
Cynthia writes magazine articles, screenplays, and novels. She is passionate about metaphysical concepts to unbend the mind. As a Truth-seeker at heart, she is on a quest to know the greatest mysteries and to share her knowledge with others on the same path.

Lucy Hayes instinctively knows there has to be more to life then the monotonous daily grind. While the reality of high school friends and parties seem less important, Lucy embarks into the college world, hopeful to find excitement and answers to her deepest questions about the greatest mysteries in the Universe.
When Lucy meets Eli, she dives into a whirlwind of revelations that an alien invasion took place. But thousands of years ago that has haunted Earth since. With her present love and a love from another time, in seeking to illuminate the problem of evil, she learns of dark secrets, planetary conspiracies, time travel, genetic manipulation, the nature of the Universe and her destined role in disclosing the greatest mystery—that star races do exist.
In an extraordinary blending of reality with myth, magic and science, The Light Warrior refreshingly twists apocalyptic destruction, and inspires courage to overcome fears of the unknown. The reader will enjoy new concepts of the paranormal, lost ancient civilizations, spirit guides, aliens and Vampires—the Light eaters. In restoring supernatural abilities, the tale weaves together the great mysteries of our human origins and an ancient mystical world rediscovered.

Sacrifices are to be made. Lucy not only must battle the Dark Brotherhood—she must battle the war inside her heart.

Download your copy today for only 99ȼ!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Month's Special Deals

We've just added more books and audio books in all genre and age group. Also, we're running specials you won't want to miss out on! Stop by our Morrison Books Website and take advantage of some of these unbeatable deals. You can also see more about this author at: BD Nelson's blog.

Also, the next 3 titles are being offered from 50% - 75% off an eBook copy from now until August 15th! Just "click" the book, and enter the promotion code at checkout.

Don't forget to stop by and check out our other amazing authors and pick up a few books to read at special low prices! Most books ship FREE on our site!

One of the specials include You Too Can Quit. A proven method to quit smoking and stay quit, offering support to those who struggle to hold on.
Coupon Code: PF58F
50% off - now $2.50
Coupon Code: REW75
75% off - now $1.25

Coupon Code: UN68T
50% off - now $2.50

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Morrison Books July Newsletter

Audio Books on CD

We have added some new audio book titles to our site. For newborn to adult. Over the next few days we will be adding over thirty additional titles, quite a few in the young adult range. Our business is growing so fast, I'm stumbling through memory to pass on all the news! Exciting days ahead for readers, collectors, browsers and artists alike.

We've had positive feedback from our happy customers as well as the sellers. Thank you all so much for taking the time to let us know how you feel about our store, products, and business practice. It means so much to us that everyone has a positive experience. It lets us know that we are getting off on the right foot, the one we wanted to start with and continue on with.

Audio books can be a God-send for those readers on long commutes, long-hauls, or relaxing at home. They keep children occupied in a positive way on those cross-country vacations. We intend to stock our shelves with a wide variety of audio titles.

Book Specials

We are getting some good feedback on the special deal for the book: You Too Can Quit. If you're a smoker, struggling with an addiction you'd love to be free of, this book can help. Right now, the author is offering a signed copy and free inspirational bookmark with purchase. Learn more.

We have also received a large lot of vintage Little Golden Books and running a special on lots of five. From Yogi Bear to Raggedy Ann, to pass on to your kids or grand-kids, all the great stories we grew up with.

New Growth

There have been a lot of changes this month. As I said before, in so many words, it's making my head spin (in a good way). Have you been by lately to see the fabulous vintage books added about animals? Some of these would make such lovely coffee table books. The spectacular photo's and information on The Great Ape's, Wild Sheep, Snakes and Mammals. There are more, but if you love animals, you'll want to see these. These books are large and heavy so we are trying to keep the price reasonable for our customers by offering free shipping.


What's bookstore news without speaking of our authors? Each month we will expose an exceptionally talented author on our website home page as our "Featured Author." There are so many out there who don't get the recognition they deserve. Searching out these authors is not only an enjoyable experience, but also rewarding. Gaining new friends and insight. It's too early to expose who's next, meanwhile if you haven't read From the Ashes, get your copy today, she'll have another book out soon. Learn more in the previous blog or go to: Morrison Books home page.

Kissed by Mother Nature

Judy's line of creams made with all natural ingredients, softens, moisturizes, and smooths out wrinkles, with no harsh chemicals. Her healing oil is soothing and relieves muscle aches, pain, and yes, even arthritis pain - again, made only with herb & plant oil. What's more, there are new things coming from Kissed by Mother Nature, she has an insect repellent that not only keeps the mosquito's off, but the oil is moisturizing and good for your skin and has a pleasant odor.  Find out more. You're skin will thank you.

Maws Cards & Creations

Don't forget to stop by and shop for a few cards. The care and patience that go into each one is amazing and an affordable price. We've just learned that there will be more of Maws creations on the way so if you don't find what your looking for, she'd be happy to hear from you. Check back to see what she'll have next.


BdsNeedles is about to have some competition.  Look for new product and special deals from BdsNeedles for the rest of this month.

A Final Word

Last but certainly not least, you may notice that our home page not only holds information about our featured author, but it also displays a photograph of our lake and a link to the Tenmile Lakes Association (which we are members of). Our Lake, like many others in Oregon, is in trouble. Would you take a moment to have a look at the website and contribute if you can. Thank you and enjoy the display of photographs from our lakes history!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shelby K Morrison & From the Ashes

"Shelby K. Morrison is the author of Shattered, devout member of the Pointless Research Addicts support group, and was voted Most Likely to Be President in high school. She believes fiction should be an escape and any great escape involves a world of wonder, characters you wish you knew, and good food. She can usually be found in three places; her office, the couch or....well just those two unless an overcast day calls her out of doors. She has a particular weakness for animals, Studio Ghibli movies, and Flamin' Hot Cheetos (resulting in a frequently stained keyboard). She is not opposed to tokens of appreciation, particularly edible ones. But if you really want to make her smile, drop her a line!"
For eighteen years Aia Wynnald has lived a lie. Raised as a highborn in the Kingdom of Tharien, she’s filled her days with tutors and archery lessons. But simmering beneath her polite surface is a dangerous gift, one which she must keep a secret. Aia is a Bender. And in Tharien, Benders are feared and hunted. When her unruly power breaks free with dire repercussions, Aia’s lifelong goal of independence shatters. As she scrambles to piece her life back together while evading capture, she disturbs a vengeful force intent on destroying the kingdom. Now, with the help of an unlikely ally, Aia will decide the fate of Tharien. To rescue those she cares about will require accepting what she is. But can she risk becoming the monster she’s dreaded to save the very citizens baying for her blood?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Maws Cards & Creations Joined Us

Maws Cards & Creations has joined our team with some wonderful handmade cards. She puts a lot of care into each one she makes. What I find so amazing is that each card is different. I can't tell you how many times I've given a card to someone who received the same card from someone else. Or what about when you duplicate the same card to someone two years in a row—or am I the only one who's done this? It's embarrassing to say the least!

Among my favorite cards that Maw creates, are the tea cards—a thought with a personal touch. How sweet is that? It would be fun to receive one of these cards to brighten the day, especially when your ill.

She has a large variety, but will take special orders as well. Why not stock up for the whole year? Contact us through our site and we'll tell you how to order yours. Or just select from the cards on display and they'll be shipped to you immediately. You can't beat the price with such a personal touch and Free Shipping as well.

On to book news: We have had a surge of growth! We are working around the clock to get the new shipment arrivals up and available for our customers. As always we offer free shipping on most items purchased in the US. In honor of our large amount of added inventory, we have slashed prices on some of the used books—so hurry they won't last long.

This week, our children's section is going to have some amazing changes. It's so exciting! We're adding top selling, brand new, titles, both in hard cover and paperback. We're also getting in an assortment of audio books on CD, and an enormous assortment of .99 cent eBook downloads! There will be something for all ages to enjoy. Soon our bookstore shelves will be full. Is there such a thing as too many books? I think NOT!

Don't forget to click on our amazon book links where you can learn more about the titles and even read a sample before you purchase. And if you haven't gotten your copy of Shelby K. Morrison's book, "From The Ashes" you can download a kindle copy or purchase the paperback with one click, (maybe two). 

Hurry on over and take a peek. As a reminder, we will be adding new books and gifts over the next couple of weeks especially rapid. If you're looking for a title, chances are it's on it's way—so check back with us often.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

News & What to Look for in July

Our own photographer, Jessica Gray, has just taken 3rd place in the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival Photo Contest! Congratulations Jessica! By the way, if you live in the Salem area, Jessica is setting up a new studio location and is offering photo shoots for $100.00 (each sitting) before the big move. This is a bargain price! Hurry and schedule your appointment, this offer won't last long.

We've already spoiled the surprise by announcing our next featured author, Shelby K. Morrison, but we will be revealing more about her and her new book, From the Ashes in the coming month. You won't want to miss this. Meanwhile, you can download your copy of From the Ashes as well as her first novel, Shattered, from our website today!

What to look for in July:
Aside from the amazing fireworks display that we always enjoy in our beautiful town of Lakeside, Oregon, we have shipments coming in. Hand Made Greeting Cards, Jewelry, Seat Belt Wraps, more books and other unique gifts.

It's so nice to send a one-of-a-kind card. Or give a gift that can't be duplicated. Or receive a compliment on a pair of irreplaceable earrings. The pride of owning something that wasn't made by a machine, but rather labored over with careful, thoughtful hands. They may be similar at times, but never exactly alike. That is the beauty of hand-made products.

And speaking of beauty, we happen to have a complete line of face and body creams made with all natural ingredients. The healing effects of Judy's Kissed by Mother Nature Products will have you hooked. Contact us to learn how to get a free sample.

Morrison Books will be displaying more and more of these one-of-a-kind items in the coming weeks. We are so excited to share the new talent we've discovered. What was once only enjoyed by local Oregonians is now being offered World Wide!

We are selecting from some of the most talented and unique crafts that we encounter on our trek across the state of Oregon (both on foot and on-line). The only exception to the "Local talent rule," is our authors who are coming from all over the United States. This is not a rule we regret breaking.

Don't forget, if you have a talent you'd like to share, please go to our submissions page and let us see your work.

Thank you for your interest in our bookstore. Please visit us often.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Vendors to Join Morrison Books

Morrison Books is pleased to announce and welcome some very talented artists to our website. I will be posting photos as the products come in, but to spoil the surprise...we will be adding jewelry, artistic gifts, cards, and of course...BOOKS!

The new products will be available for sale on our website soon, so check back often. 

 Books arrive daily, so check our website often.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Morrison Books Additions

We have added some great vintage items, photography, paintings and homemade face and body creams to our site. Just some of the items that will be displayed in our upcoming bookstore. We are expecting much more. If you would like your art to be considered, submissions are open until Oct. 31, 2015. 
 Photography by Jessica Gray

Paintings by Sienna Lotina

All Natural Body Creams, Butters, Salts and Oils


Knit & Crochet Items

If you have self-published a book, dabble in art or hand made items, check out our website for more details.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Local Oregon Eclectic Gifts & Furtrue Artifacts

Attention Oregon artists:

Morrison Books is seeking self-published authors and artists of hand-made items for their new store opening soon.

Submissions are open now until October 31, 2015. See website for submission guidelines.