Friday, November 13, 2015

November Newsletter

Come Check Out Our New Holiday Look!!

Maw's Cards & Creations chimed in with some traditional cheer and added Thanksgiving cards to her inventory, you'll want to stop by and check them out. Not only that, her cards are on sale until Christmas! We have more books, crafts and specials as well. See the ad below.

Martin Sharlow is the talented author of the month, if you like werewolves and vampires, he has many selections to chose from. Just follow the link posted on Morrison Books home page, and if you missed any of our other authors you will find their books on our "New Book" page. 

Don't forget about our art gallery where Jessica has amazing deals on photo shoots, follow her website link to get in on Christmas photo specials, and Sienna's artwork is also available for viewing. This is the time of year when our skin could use some moisture and Kissed by Mother Nature has creams made from all natural ingredients. Absolutely nothing artificial. She has other great products for your entire body too--do yourself a favor this holiday season and try this amazing cream.

So much excitement generating this month! Not only are the holidays around the corner, Christmas lights are going up, cozy reading by the fire, family time, and scrumptious food…there is also SHOPPING! 

OK, who groaned? 

All right...all right...that may have been me. Yes that's right; I'm the scrooge who detests shopping. Don't get me wrong, put me in front of a computer and I'll shop for hours. On-line shopping has become one of my favorite pass times. And what am I looking for? Deals of course-Deals that I can purchase without the inevitable hunt for the  evasive wallet, lugging heavy packages from store to store, and being over dressed in a heated mall. Perspiring has got to be the absolute worst part of the entire experience – that and throbbing arms and feet. Who enjoys this? OK maybe a few of you do, but there are some who, like me, would rather do leisurely shopping from home and miss the stampede. One click purchase and the packages are on the way to your front door! What could be better?

With this in mind, I put myself in the computer chair, carefully went through my inventory, and did some serious mark-downs! Deals that I myself couldn't resist. The sale starts now and will last through Christmas! You'll want to tell your friends! Brand new books & audio books for all ages – hand-made winter accessories for the whole family – hand crafted cards and Jewelry as low as $1.99– ALL SHIP FREE! 

Here's a look at our sale ad also available on the Morrison Books website.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Author of the Month

Martin C. Sharlow, Author of The Shade Trilogy 

Martin is a single dad with three children above the age of 18. His first book idea came to life while he sat in McDonalds one hot summer day. What started off as a place to cool down, ended up being the birthplace of his first novel, Storytellers. Day after day he would return until the last page was written.
Many novels followed from that day to this. Beginning with Storytellers, he went on to write Fallen Blood, Shades of Twilight, and Sword: The Joining. Sequels followed and The Trilogies were born. Follow this author's work on Amazon where werewolves and vampires fill the many pages of Martin C. Sharlow's masterful creations.

To see these and other series books written by Martin Sharlow go to:


Submissions have closed for the 2015 year for our Morrison Books store, but we will resume on May 31, 2016 through October 31, 2016 again so mark that date on your calendars.  

As a reminder: Our physical store will open in April 2016. We will be taking a short hiatus until then, but our online store will be open and operating as normal, so don't hesitate to come and shop. We plan to have the store shelves stocked with a wide variety of hand crafted items, art pieces and of course BOOKS! 

We wish everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday!